Memories and Sorrow

The giant robotic creature blinked its heavy metallic eyelids. It stood in quiet contemplation as it slowly turned its head to look at the scene before it.

Human bones could be seen hiding in the dirt as far as the eye could see.

The earth was flat again. At least in the sense that there were no longer any skyscrapers looming on the horizon. Just dirt and debris, all obscured by clouds of dust.

The creature sighed. Even though it was part machine, it had a soul. A soul that mourned the loss of the humans had come to love. A species so wonderful, so amazing. They had the ability to create such beautiful things and to hold such powerful emotions like no other creature it had ever seen before. It loved the planet so much. The planet it had seen starting its life, developing and eventually dying.

Yes, the humans had killed each other off, along with all of the other living creatures on the earths surface.

And so, the creature was alone. Alone with nothing but its memories of what the planet once was.

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