It was another glorious day. Warm rays of light gracefully sweeping the heavenly landscape as Reuben eagerly made his way to work excited about his newest idea.

“This is my best work yet.” Thought Reuben as he rushed along continuing to ponder.

“Sure they’ve rejected previous ideas of mine, but this one is a no-brainer. Everyone has requested it according to the request logs.” He shook his head in affirmation and smiled.

Reuben’s idea was simple. Create a new day in between Sunday and Monday. And name it “Someday.” No one would ever be able to say again “I don’t have enough time.”

He stepped off the golden curb crossed the street entering the Bureau of Time Management building, and headed to the seventh floor continuing to contemplate.

“I bet I make Archangel for this idea!” He said raising an eyebrow. His conscience immediately stirred, as guilt set in and he said softly. “Forgive me. That was prideful.”

The elevator pinged and the door slid open. Reuben exited and walked towards his bosses office.

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