A Writer Not in Control?

Rorgan slashed and fought off everyone he could reach with his broadsword but they kept coming. He couldn’t fight them off. His strength was waning with each parried blowand finally his blade fell from his hands. He looked into the eyes of his attacker and-

“Taylor! Downstairs! Now!” Taylor sighed and laid down her pencil and notebook. She was so close to finding out the destiny of Rorgan and she wanted to finish it. She clmibed out of bed and dragged her feet down the stairs, reluctantly following her sister’s bellowing. “Good you’re awake,” Lily said in a sickly sweet tone. “Breakfast time. I made eggs, pancakes, bacon, and ham.”

“Thanks,” Taylor murmered before sitting down at the table. “Why are you up so early?”

“It’s the first day of summer.” Taylor’s blank look seemed to annoy her. “I can’t waste the first day of summer break!”

“Whatever.” Taylor munched on her cereal and thought about Rorgan. She really hoped she didn’t have to write about his death like the rest.

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