A Perfect Beginning

He’d let his hand fall to the side of mine, still just close enough for our auras to tickle one another’s edges. But how was this happening? We barely knew each other! So why did it seem like I’d known him since before I was born? Why did my soul reach out to his? Why could I not appreciate this perfect sunrise without the thought of him? So many questions running through my mind gave way to one. The one I ask above all others.
I expected a “Why what?” I couldn’t expect him to know what I was thinking. That would be insane. Like my adamant belief that he was my soul mate.
“Why?” He asked. “Well, because.”
Smart aleck. I looked at his charismatic smile, his gleaming, mirthful, chocolate eyes. I schooched closer to him, closing the remaining space between our two bodies.
And then, he put his arm around me, our essences blending, becoming one…becoming whole, and I knew why.

Why did it seem like he was my soul mate? Why did I think he was perfect?

Well, because. He was.

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