Drowning in Love

I felt my body become weightless. Bubbles left my body impatiently. The pain in my lungs was excruciating and I fought against my body’s natural instinct to inhale. I tried desperately to find my way back to the light, but I was lost in the murky wet darkness. Peacefulness overtook me as I listened to the silence. Was this what it felt like to die? I was happy, happier than I had ever been in my life, and I realized my life on earth was over and a new journey had begun.

“Lisa! Lisa!â€? I heard my name being yelled. It sounded so distant, so long ago, as if it were my past calling out to me. I felt myself painfully being yanked back to the living. “Lisa! Can you hear me?â€? I tried to speak but only choked out volumes of ocean. My body convulsed, endlessly coughing and choking. When the spasms ceased, I focused my eyes on my husband, surrounded by my friends. I looked around me, unable to speak, but trying to remember. The man before me, who looked so worried, had only just moments ago tried to kill me.

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