Fate sucks no matter what!

Once upon a time in a small dark corner, a creature was formed from the shadows of a night. The perfect predator. One that feeds upon the very basis of life. This creature was in fact a vampire

5 hundred years later give or take ten seconds or two, a Halfing was waking up on the first day of freshman year of high school. A Halfing as you might have guessed is a half vampire/half human. A Halfing in fact can only have one every 100 years and this particular one had no idea of what her fate was destined to be.

Kamaria Raven awoke on the first day of freshman year to the sound of the cries of the friendly neighborhood garbage truck. son of a bitch! She could no longer postpone the torture of the almost suicidal first day of Black Rose Gothica Academy, your everyday normal high school.

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