A Day In The Life of Paris Hilton

She woke up at eleven. This is going to be a long day, Paris thought. I have a photo shoot, a meet and greet, an album signing and then I have to show up at two clubs. She sighed. She showed up a half hour late to the photo shoot. It’s their time, not mine she thought. She left twenty minutes earlier than wrap time. I have to let the fans see me. She sighed. She made it early to the meet and greet and then left early, claiming that she was sick.

Paris walked into the store of the album signing and promptly left, claiming, “a Mexican tried to hit on me and I felt uncomfortable in that environment. I apologize to all my fans for this unforseeable circumstance.” In truth, the man whom she was refering to was Puerto Rican and from New York. She left to rest and overslept one scheduled club. She went to the other, Club Duvet. Naturally she didn’t talk about how great the club was, she just got drunk and made out with a black guy. A day in the life.

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