She finished her cereal quickly and ran up the stairs to get back to her story. She loved to write and sometimes she’d see something somewhere. It could be a park bench and she’d get a feeling that something had happened to that bench. When she got home she’d know the whole story, except for the ending. She’d have to write down the whole story before she knew whether they died or not. The strange thing was it was always elves.

She looked around her plain room with its cream walls and the standard black laptop on the wood desk in the corner. The black bookshelf in the corner was filled with her stories. ‘I’m gonna need a new one soon,’ she thought before lying back on the bed and closing her eyes. ‘I should’ve gotten some sleep last night…’

Colors that didn’t exist on earth anymore surrounded Taylor. She looked around in surprise and jumped when a hand tapped her shoulder. She turned around and saw a woman veiled in white, the only normal color anywhere. “Taylor, we need you.” A flash of light…

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