The Sessions: Daniel

Billy never got lost in the music more than when we were in the studio. I loved to watch him through the glass, laying down his vocals. The way he moved as if unaware that he was dancing to Steve’s beat through the headset. His body flowed like wine through the music and he rarely opened his eyes.

Sometimes I think he envisions himself inside the lyrics, living and breathing them because we often have to call his name a couple of times after the song is over just to get his attention.

I sat mesmerized watching him, a feeling growing in the pit of my stomach that felt like I had just begun a dizzying descent on a roller coaster. I can’t explain it really, but I just knew we had something special in our band and Billy was it.

I would often sit in the back of the Big Room, behind our producer so that no one could see my face as I watched him sing. This was my favourite part of the whole record-making process although I’d never admit that to anyone, especially Billy. I’d never hear the end of it then.

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