The Sessions: Steve

I think I might be just a little bit in love with Billy. I’m sitting here in the Big Room, and Billy has just made everyone in here fall into a stunned silence. My heart was pounding and Daniel had tears in his eyes.

We were working on “My Boy” today and after three takes, Billy was looking ragged and pale. I personally thought we should leave it and give up for the day but he was insisting on one more go.

He settled himself in the booth, lit a cig, shut his eyes and then my opening beat filled the studio one more time. The fourth take was pure magic. You hear about those times when you just get it perfect and the instant you finish the song you know it’s going to be big. I had never experienced that… until now. He left me breathless.

As the crew applauded, Billy simply smiled. He lit another cigarette and was ready to push on. I’ve only just become a part of this band recently and had struggled with the decision to join. After what I’ve just seen, I know I made the right choice.

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