Strange Acquaintances

What does he mean, ‘Who am I?’ she thought. This guy, erm, Aedin, apparently, doesn’t make any sense!
“I’ll explain everything when I get back.” He winked one of his stunning violet eyes as he walked, well, more like glided away.
Explain everything? she thought as she reached up to touch her blade-like fangs. He knows what’s wrong with me!
“Not what’s wrong with you, Kamaria… it’s what’s right with you, and wrong with everyone else.” Aedin’s soothing voice made Kamaria jump. She turned around and was mesmerized by those amazing purple eyes.
“Hey, are you okay, missy?” a girl that Kamaria thought looked familiar, maybe from her Biology class, came over to where she was sitting. “This creepy kid buggin’ you?” she said with a slightly Southern accent.
“No…” Kamaria stammered.
“Here, I’ll get you away from this nutcase,” the girl said as she led Kamaria away from where Aedin was sitting.
Kamaria looked back and saw Aedin’s beautiful face twisted into a scowl.

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