’”Who the hell are you,’ I said as i stared at my perfect mirror image. It was like staring at a crystal clear lake, but there was no water in sight. ‘I’m talking to you,’ i repeated this time with a little edge in my voice.
‘I’m you,’ the strikingly hansome doppleganger replied.
‘Okay, that was probably the corniest line i have ever heard in my life. I’m going to ask you one more time, who are,’ I demanded.
‘I’m you,’ and with that he jumped of the cliff.” Tristan said.
“Yeah right, Tristan” Alec scoffed
“I’m telling the truth” Tristan pleaded
“I’ll talk to you later,” Alec laughed and left his friend with his trash.
Minutes later, Alec was walking home and someone jumped in front of him. “Hey what the heck watch where you’re going!”
Alec yelled. Just then the guy turned and Alec saw his face. It was the mirror image of Alec. The clone flashed a grin and ran away

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