Space Gas - The Second Beginning

This was a nice part of town, crime rate down to 2 percent, Kiddies could play freely in the park and any potential kidnapper was driven off by the specially programmed roboguard dogbots.

Many a pedaphile stalking here had undergone a substantial gender change, courtesy of these little machines.

So, safe. Perfectly safe.

So why did he feel something bad was about to go down. He had an unshakeable sense that someone was watching him.

Standing in the park, carefully showing no interest in the children at all – the dogbots were often overzealous – he looked around.

Who, what, could it be?

As a last resort he looked up.


So, why did he have a football sized metal sphere hovering over his head?

“Officer Drakinot, patrol number 3425, you are guilty of polluting the park atmosphere, please accompany me to the nearest police station.”

“Me? I was just walking through the park.”

“You have left a trail of carbon dioxide in your path thus endangering the life of the children…”

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