As if she didn’t have enough to worry about today, now she had to figure out how to get away from this girl. Aedin was probably the only person in this whole school who knew what was wrong with her, and she didn’t even get to talk to him.
Another thing was troubling Kamaria. Why had Aedin run away from her earlier and then suddenly want to meet her now at lunch?
The strange girl pulled her over to an empty table.
“You really should stay away from Aedin,” the girl said as she sat down.
“Why? Who are you anyways?” Kamaria asked.
The girl looked up at Kamaria. She had blue eyes and long red hair that was tied into a messy braid. Her jeans were worn out, and her shirt had a little dirt on in, but besides that she was the first normal girl Kamaria had met today.
“My name’s Jenny,” the girl replied. “Listen, that Aedin kid’s bad news, especially for your folk. It’d be best if y’all just kept your distance.”
“My folk?”
“You vampire folk.”
Apparently Adein wasn’t the only one who knew what was going on.

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