Do you see the trees swaying in the breeze?
Do you see the sunset that makes me think of the day we met?
Do you see that star that is drifting from afar?
Do you see the sky that lets each bird fly?
Do you see those flowers that are at rest beneath the tower?
Do you see everything?
I don’t. You’re lucky. I want to see the trees that everyone talks about. I want to see that sunset that everyone remembers. I want to see the stars that rest in the sky. I want to see the flowers. I wish.
Do you know why I cannot see?
I’m blind and everything is dark. When I hear people say that they are afraid of the dark I laugh because the dark is all I can see.
But in a way I can see things. Only in my mind. I draw “pictures” with “colors” that I made up. I guess in this way that I can see.
But this is who I am. And this is me.

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