Wacky Ideas

I’ve always known that she was a little odd. Okay, perhaps very odd. She does some crazy, random stuff sometimes. Heck, when I met her she was on the park swings in her bright orange and black toe socks, having a casual conversation with her stuffed Koala, JoJo.
I suppose this isn’t totally outrageous behavior for a little girl, but now that we’re in high school, you’d think the madness would stop.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love Melody. She’s been my best friend, since, forever. But what she was explaining to me now just didn’t make sense.
“I’m not lying to you, Leo. Don’t you believe me?”
“Absolutely,” I replied.
“Oh, don’t be sarcastic! I’m being serious!
I fidgeted uncomfortably in my seat. Melody was sitting on her bed waiting for a reply. I was afraid to look her in the eye, so I looked past her instead. My eyes landed on her cat who stared back at me with it’s piercing yellow eyes. I always felt like that cat was gonna morph into some psycho cougar and attack me.
“Are you gonna answer me or not?”

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