Inner Dialogue

“What are they looking at? Do they know? Did I remember to lock away the letters today? Oh god, I really hope so….. I must have, I never forget…. Oh god, please, they must be locked away. Of course they are…. breathe, yes, breathe. I couldn’t bear it if anyone found out, I couldn’t. If anyone found out, I’d have ….. No! It’s not worth that, it’s not! Oh god, please, please let them be locked away.”

“What are they looking at anyway? Do I have something on my face? Maybe I should try to find a mirror. Is it my dress? Does it look soiled today? Just stop looking! There’s nothing special to see here. Why don’t they just stop? When is he coming back? I want to get out of here so desperately.”

He looked at her and thought, “maybe it’s time I told her everything.” He was tired of hiding it, tired of the effort it took to pretend. Today could be the day. He looked at her from the shadows, where she couldn’t see him and briefly thought about walking away and just leaving her sitting there.

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