Caught Red Pantied

Alright, so I just completely broke the whole stalker confidentaility rule and started apologizing. Wait a second, now they know that I know his name. Crap! Now they’re both peering out the window and I’m standing here dressed like some kind of idiot. I duck down under the window ledge. Its my only choice.

Pierre is saying something, in English. Oh my god. He knows English. And here Izzy and I were talking about him all yesterday, loudly. I made a lunge for the telephone and rang up Izzy.

“Bonito, I told you, don’t call me here…”


“Marguerite? I thought this was Marco calling about…?”

“Yes! Yes its me, and I’m hiding behind my sofa! There are two French guys out my window now, and one is yelling at me and I’m dressed like a robot fantasy girl, and I don’t think they like Duran Duran, and I accidentally blurted out something…”

“Menina, breathe. Wait, did you say two French guys?”


“I’ll be right over.”

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