The Vampirate (The Pirate Challenge)

The blindfold was whipped from her eyes and she had to blink several times before her vision cleared. She calmly took in her dim surroundings. The walls were hung rich tapestries depicting gruesome battles. Shelves lined one side of the cabin and were filled with books. And sitting before her was the beautiful, dark-haired King of this.. this madness.

The King wore a lazy smile that belied the evil within as he gazed at her. Her body responded to his gaze and she felt an overwhelming urge to be at his side, touching him. She fought desperately at the bonds on her wrists.

“Patience, my love.” he said. His voice dripped like fiery honey that poured across her skin, soothing and disturbing her at the same time. In a movement too fast for her eyes to follow he was behind her, whispering against her neck. She gasped and shivered as his breath touched the bite there.

“The payment for my eternal gift,” he whispered. “is one lifetime of solitude. Only then can you come to me.”

A tear fell. “No… Please, no.”

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