Challenge of a Challenge [Or: A Mockery of a Travesty of a Sham of a Travesty of a Mockery...]

Ah Ha! Eureka! Ficlet laws and customs are meant to be broken, and here I go again. Granted, I just hosted a challenge and only yesterday announced the winners. Admittedly, I have no roundly numerical justification for launching a challenge now. And what the FRAK am I doing launching a challenge off of someone else’s challenge?!

I’m just that awesome. And these little six word memoirs have been awesome! I’ve been on a commenting tear the last few days, and all the brief, pithy, humorous, thoughtful, and downright deep little mini-ficlets have been great. They evoke so much, suggest so much, and ask so much.

Have you been inspired? Could you be inspired? Would you be inspired? Won’t you be my neighbor? No, sorry. Go, go now! Find someone else’s six word memoir. Think about it. Soak it in. Then take that as a starting point or inspiration for a full length (yeah, good and wordy!) ficlet. There’s lots to choose from. Most are awesome. Make more awesomeness!

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