Criminals in Candy Land

It was another busy day in the candy dish. There were reports of some nutcase who’d been causing trouble, and it was up to me, Detective Snickers, to take care of this sticky situation.
So I rounded up my Peeps and met up with my partner Butterfinger. (He’s a bit of a klutz) We decided to investigate the crime scene.
Bits of foil covered the ground along with a lone strip of paper. It was a horrible sight. The remains of the poor Hershey’s Kiss were taken away by paramedics. Citizens gathered at the crime scene. I scoffed at a couple of Airheads and some Laffy Taffys giggling as they passed.
We questioned a couple of Nerds who had witnessed the attack. I borrowed a pen from one of their pocket protectors and took notes.
“He was quite skinny,” one Nerd said, “however, he had an unusually large head.”
“Look at this!”
Mike and Ike were pointing to a wrapper near the crime scene. The label read: Tootsie Roll Pop.
“Aha!” Butterfinger cried. “We’ve found the culprit! Come on, Snickers! Let’s go nab that sucker!”

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