I walked down my main hallway and opened a drawer in a table.
Ah, yes. Fireworks.
I grabbed hand fulls of bottle rockets and everything I could find.
My pack was almost half full, and I still need room for more food.
Just a little for space is all I need.
I worked my way through my basement, and made my way to my Dad’s shop.
I packed up lighters, matches, lighter fluid, and anything explosive.
I walked up, to the thing that I was thinking of all along.
Gun safe. Hell Yeah.
Don’t worry, I did I shooting merit badge in boy scouts, so i know how to handle, and load twenty-twos and shot guns. So after I broke open the weak lock, I unloaded all of the guns and packed the best twenty-two and the best shotgun, along with all of the ammo I could find.
I ran up the stairs, taking a last sweeping look for anything I could find.
I picked up my mess kit and a cooking stove.
I have to make a quick phone call, and go to the convenience store.
I went out side and found my bike.
Almost ready to go.

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