The Not So Silent Accident

The previous year they had been together…..or, at least, known each other had been a very dark, sad, happy, and confusing year.They went to the movies together, to dances, shared sodas, talked to each other almost every minute of the day, but it all ended with not a bang, but a crash. Litarally a crash, actually. He was in the car, on a rainy, foggy night…..Her brother was on the sidewalk, waiting for the walk light. The traffic lights were slower than usual…..the light was red. The light turned green, and by accident, the the boy stepped out into the street. There were four flashing white letters that told him to do that. He pressed down hard on the pedal, and CRASH !!!!!The boy was unconcious, his eyes were closed, and his shirt was stained with….....blood. Meanwhile, the windsheild was smashed, the bumper was a wreck, and the driver was bruised, angry at first, but when he found out who he had hit, he was shocked, stunned, sad, and speechless. She wasn’t going to like this…....

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