when day broke her heart tore more than she could account for. line of symetry told the body it ached for another to align with. what a loss.
fake love. busy and away till you feel the need to lay down and demand my presence.
forgotten hate. how the mind is easily numb to repetitive abuse. Supose the need to be as one with another in the same rank along with measure is that great.
Consequently desperate is unattractive ; no cooth.
what a reminder. he that is. there is so much more to gain other than here. why why cant i leave. what could make me stay here to do over and over again?
one that is in fear of chaos takes on more in fear that if any is lost, what would there be left to build on in the future. If it is so easy to forget now , later what would be any different? just another man. another anything with the same capability to hurt me. maybe i am just to sensitive. maybe i have hurt this bad for so long and cant fathom starting from scratch..hmmm…

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