Freedom Fighters

“One day ill find a way to escape from all of this” Clover said.

” Shut up if they heard what you said they will take you away and put you down” West said

Every day Clover and West would work in a small industry warehouse. Work away there life’s while the government kills there dreams.

” I can’t keep living this life my family is dieing at least with the freedom fighters there trying to get the truth out” Clover said.

” But there being killed like animals and killing them self each day” West said.

” So what your saying i should sit here every day work away and get paid a shitting price” Clover said.

” No i don’t know what am saying but if the government knows your saying this shit we will both be killed and everyone else around you” West said.

” In life we have to make choices that effects everyone around us” Clover said.

” I just don’t want to be killed like animals thats all” West said

Clover stared at the window trying to find that small peaceful place that was once here but now is gone.

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