The Hut in the Woods

Oh what did I get myself into this time!
Melody had my arm in a death grip as she lead me through the forest. She was convinced that she could make me believe her.
I did feel kinda bad for not believing her though, which is why I’m allowing her to do this to me.
OW! Tree branch. I wish she would at least slow down.
“Where is it?” I asked, nearly tripping over a fallen log.
“We’re almost there, Leo” she answered.
Suddenly, a small stone hut appeared in the distance. It surprised me. All these years of going on our little excursions in the woods, and not once had I ever stumbled across this.
Melody opened the door to the hut. The inside looked very bare and rustic. It wasn’t very big either. I was a little confused.
“What’s supposed to be in here?”
“It’s not up here,” she said. “It’s down here
She lead me down a narrow, stone staircase that was hidden underneath the floorboards. I heard mysterious noises coming from below.
I was beginning to believe that she was being serious.

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