The Mostly Unknown By Most Race Of The Active Authors Is Over!! And The Winner Is..

Well, for any of you who have been reading my profile have slight knowledge that there was a race to the 2000th comment, and THX 0477 , Kermitgorf, Stovohobo and I were all taking part. Why us? Because it was an Active Authors race, and someday_93 and Alexa we decided didn’t come on often enough for it to be fair to them.

It started when I was out for about 5-6 days, and I realized that my spot on the Active Authors table had been replaced. Naturally, I blew up. So I noted Kermit, and after a few notes we came up with the idea that whoever would reach 2000 comments first would win. There were a few rules, though:

1.) No one word comments
2.) In no area of the comment may you use the word “interesting” or any synonym of such.
3.) Each comment must be truthful, but critic if needed, and in depth.

And who is our winner?
None other than..

THX 0477 !!

Applause, applause..

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