The Three

Once there were three knights. They were constantly traveling the land, doing the normal things that knights do. You know, fighting bad guys, battling dragons, and occasionally rescuing a damsel in distress.
Anyways, these knights were known as The Three. The Three are currently riding their steads along a dirt path. Let’s listen in on their conversation shall we?
“Sir Damien, would you remind me again where we are headed to?”
“Why of course, Sir Gavin. We are headed to the land of I Don’t Know.”
“If you don’t know than why are we heading this way?” questions Sir Sebastian.
“Nonono! It is called I Don’t Know. I Don’t Know is it’s name.”
“Stop lagging behind, Sir Sebastian!”
“Sorry, Sir Gavin. My horse is being a bit slow today.”
“That’s because it’s a mule, not a horse!” Sir Damien scoffed, as he patted his rather large white horse.
“At least mine is not as stupid as yours, Sir Damien!”
“My stallion is not stupid!
“Hey look!”
Sir Gavin points to a castle in the distance, and their journey begins.

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