The Castle

“That’s the oddest castle I’ve seen in all my days,” states Sir Damien.
Indeed, it was unlike any castle throughout the land. The castle of I Don’t Know was large, tall, pointy, and black. The tops of the towers were blood red, and a mysterious glow surrounded it.
“I can only wonder what frighting creatures live in there,” said Sir Gavin.
“Well, whatever it is, I’m sure we can handle them!”
“What exactly are you thinking of doing, Sir Damien?” asked Sir Sebastian.
“Why, we’re going to capture this land, and make it ours!”
Sir Gavin replied, “We may have to do some redecorating.”
So The Three continued to gallop along the path until they came to the village, and from there they continued to galloped until they reached the castle gates. It was there that they were stopped by a couple the guards.

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