Confused Guards

“State your business!”
The Three looked up at the large guards that were blocking their way to the castle.
“We come from a land far far away,” says Sir Damien.
He always has to do the talking!
“We wish to speak with the ruler of I Don’t Know.”
The guards looked at each other quizzically. Finally, one of them replied, “Well, if you don’t know then leave, or come back later.”
“What? No! I Don’t Know!
“Sir, we see that you are confused…”
“I’m most certainly am NOT !”
“Excuse me,” says Sir Sebastian, ” but I believe what Sir Damien is trying to say is that the name of this kingdom is I Don’t Know.”
“Oh of course! That’s right! Grr…” the guard mumbles. “That damn name gets me every time…”
“Uh sir?”
“Oh yes, well, erm… I suppose you may see them.”
Sir Gavin dismounted. “There’s more than one?” he asks.
“Why yes, there are three in fact.”
“Perfect, one for each of us to fight!” Sir Damien whispers.
“Oh, nothing! Um, if you’d please escort us?”
And so The Three were escorted into the castle.

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