school the next morning was… interesting.

“um, hey… giselle?” i heard a rather deep voice say.
i turned around. “oh.. um… hi…” i saw a very tall, pale, thin boy standing in front of me.
”...jack,” he finished. ah! he looks like jack skellington too! how perfect!
“right. jack,” i said, flashing a smile. (i’m rather nice to people if they remind me of beloved tim burton characters.)
“so, giselle,” he said, “you know how there’s a dance coming up?” he gestured to a brightly-colored poster.
“oh, yeah…” i said. oh God. where’s he going with this?!
“well, i was wondering… umm… would you… like to… go? with me, that is?” he asked nervously.
“uh… actually, jack,” i said, “yes. i would like to go to the dance with you.”
“really?!” he said. then he wrapped his long, bony, white arms around my slender, black-shrouded frame. “oh thank you!!! uh… i mean… i’ll talk to you later about the details.”
i smiled (a rare event!). that kid just made my day.

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