i came home from school, lugging my backpack but still in a good mood.
“looks like the princess of darkness has come into the light,” my mom said as i walked in.
“what? oh. funny, mom. funny.” i skipped over to my room to start on my freakishly easy homework (not to sound arrogant).
once again, my mother barges into my room. “what’s his name?” she asked.
there’s no use trying to hide anything from my mother, so i just told her. “jack. he asked me to the school dance.”
she covered her mouth with her hands. “oh! my baby girl’s growing up!!!” she hugged me. okay, wayyyy too many hugs today and it’s not even four o’ clock yet. (at my old school, my friends and i had decided that dances were overrated. well… no one had ever asked us either.)
“mom, let go!” i tried to say, but her arm covered my mouth, so it turned out to be: “mmff, lgggo!”
finally she released her vice-like grip.
i recoiled and pulled out my backpack. “well, i have work to catch up on,” and i doodled cartoon-ish hearts.

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