Kitchen Science 2

“eat it….” Jimmy’s face grimaced “They’re robots.”

“Whath duh fuc-ch” raking tiny gears,oil, and carrot out of my mouth.

“They don’t understand english YET but they could learn, here watch!” excitedly clacking a button buried somewhere on the muddled table. The four remaining humunculi sat up on their plate, slowly rotating left to right (I supposed looking for their comrade.)

“Cain… out! the one you spit out just caught fire.” he was grinning and pointing in little circles at the floor. “THAT is frickin’ cooool.” The veggie-bot sparked and hissed, his brothers all gathered at the end of the table seemed to be watching me. I stomped squarely down crushing the fire out along with the bot. Still spitting grease -

“My brother, you are….... retarded. Clean this shit up.” I spun on my planted foot towards the door and started to leave, puttering around looking for my keys. The veggie-men clustered around their smeared brother, I looked back, kind of curious but I had other things to do.

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