3. Bad, Bad, Bad, BAD...worse.

“Getting your hair cut can be a dangerous venture; especially when daring to dye. However that time it was horrific. I darent even repeat it!.â€?

“Go on!â€? We jeer, ready to jump from our seats.

“Oh! very well. The day started easily enough. I woke and, careful to leave my hair free of products, got ready to go to the hairdresser.

“Nothing went wrong there of course, terrible things are always lurking out of sight, Poppy. It started the second I stepped thouhgh the chiming door, onto the dull grey pavement. I was hit with the most horrible doldrum as i looked at the monster mirrored in the window.â€?

“Ugly!â€? We cheered, we knew this storey.

“Yes! Yes dears. I was hideous! It was the first of a cavalcade of bad luck. I don’t usually jaywalk, but i had to get away. She was the most nasty, pizza-eating, kleptomaniac,â€?

“Woman I’d ever known.â€? I said, well rehersed, with my hand on my heart.

“And what colour was it, that you dyed your hair?!â€?

“_Exactly your shade of red dear_.â€?

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