Welcome To Highschool

“Jesus! Vampires?” Kamaria thought the world was spinning.
“You must be the first vampire I know who has said that name,” Jenny chuckled.
“What name?”
“Jesus Christ. Aren’t you undead deterred by the cross?” Jenny smiled sweetly, as if she didn’t know she was sounding like a nut.
“Hold it, REWIND —seriously, rewind,” Kamaria flipped her hair out of her face. “What the hell?! Vampires? What is this place, anyway?”
“Now hell, that’s a better phrase for you types,” Jenny rambled on.
“Jenny!” she gripped her classmates’ shoulders and shook her. “What is going on?”
“Don’t you know? This is a school for well…to put it bluntly-monsters and magical people!” Jenny said, looking genuinely surprised.
“I think the world just split in half,” Kamaria mumbled, half to herself.
“And the reason you should stay away from him,” Jenny said, gesturing to where Adein was sitting,
“Is because his family specializes in vampire hunting.”
They turned.
“Talking about me, ladies?” Adein’s mouth cracked into a smile.

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