We join The Three as they are escorted down a long, dark corridor, dimly lit by small red lights lined on the walls.
“Holy ficlets! Sir Damien, this place gives me the creeps!”
“Not to worry, Sir Sebastian. I’m sure these creatures are simply trying to intimidate us. Just be prepared to draw your swords. We’ll have to take the escort before we enter.”
“We’re gonna kill him?!” gasps Sir Gavin.
“We’ll have to, otherwise they may send reinforcements.”
“But he seems like such a nice man…”
“Sir Gavin, PLEASE ! Concentrate on the mission!”
The Three finally reach their destination. The room in which the three rulers of I Don’t Know reside is just a few feet in front of them. They draw their swords.
“Ready men?”
Sir Gavin and Sir Sebastian nod.
“three, two, one…”
The Three shout out thier battle cry…
The escort has fallen, and Sir Sebastian had kicked down the door. The Three ready themselves to fight whatever terrible creatures await them.

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