Kamaria wasn’t as startled as she thought she should be. No, it’s fine, she thought, hoping he would get the message.
“As I was saying, you are obviously a vampire. I mean, come on. Have you seen yourself lately?” Jenny said.
“Well… yeah.”
“See. No one is as gorgeous as you unless they’re air-brushed.”
Kamaria thought about that. “Well, maybe I’m just pretty!” Jenny looked taken aback. She was staring at Kamaria’s mouth. “What?” Oh, she thought, she saw my teeth. “Okay, well, I guess I am a …”
“That’s okay. Usually folks can’t say it once they’ve accepted the fact that it’s true,” Jenny justified.
“Alright. Um, well… so, how could you tell? I mean, how do you know so much?” Kamaria asked.
Jenny flashed a crooked smile and gestured to none other than the imfamous…..

Aedin Kurtello.

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