The Big One-Oh-Oh

This is it, the final proof of my addiction.

Can I resist the urge, the physical need to tap fingers against keys, the adrenaline spurt of success. Alas, it seems not. For every character I type, I’m one more ASC code closer to sealing my doom. One more step to Nirvana heaven, where I float with pink clouds, and hovering eyes with tiny wings.

Argh, get thee behind me Ficlets! I’ll not be drawn in by your temptations, your promises of fame, fortune and endless sequels. I will not complete this, my hundreth sequel!

I swear by all the keyboards in the world I…shall…resist.

Well, try to resist.

Nooo! I’m over half-way to completing this vile text. I will not be taken. My soul is my own, my fate is…

My fate is…

Ah, how can I fight against such overwhelming odds. I seek not glory from the ratings, nor fame from the comments but merely the thrill of the kill. The simple act of typing, and the final heart stopping moment when I publish this life blood.

Forgive me PC for I have sinned.

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