A Call to Himself becomes A Bogus Journey

As Sam was about to knock on Amy’s front door, he noticed through the open curtains his past self sitting on the couch with Amy. “Of course,” Sam thought. “Here’s where I tell her we should see other people.” Sam hadn’t really wanted to see other people, but it wasn’t really his choice.

Hoping to stop himself from making a huge mistake, Sam pulled out his phone and dialed his own number, wondering if the call would qualify as mobile-to-mobile and on what month’s bill the call would appear.

“I thought I told you to stay away from her?” said a voice behind Sam, causing him to drop his phone. “You stupid or somethin’?”

Sam’s stomach tightened as he turned to face his worst nightmare: Amy’s older brother Todd.

“Remember the sandbag”, Sam thought as he looked skyward, recalling a trick he had seen in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Nothing happened.

A swift punch to the gut followed by a size 14 cowboy boot to the ribs confirmed what Sam had feared: not everything you see in a Keanu Reeves film is real.

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