Under the Elm(4)

We reach Shiller Woods with daylight to spare. We rode through the forest quietly, Ben had even stopped humming Star Wars themes. The sun filtered dreamily through the treetops as we labored up hills looking for a place to camp. We finally set upon a nice clearing, far enough from the edge of the woods so we wont be found.

Or so we thought.

The rest of the group was asleep when I woke up. It was still dark out and 12:00A.M. glowed faintly out of my watch. I sleepily spilled water on the fire and clambered into the tent, trying not to wake any one up. I was about to climb into my sleeping bag when a hand covered my mouth and Shane’s voice whispered for me to be quiet. My heart was beating heavily in my chest and I was wide awake as Shane crept to the tent’s opening.

“Pat,”he whispered quietly,”There’s someone outside by the firepit.”

My heartrate elevated even further.

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