The Maze

The world was spinning in circles! Red tried to focus on one object, but whenever his eyes stopped moving, a huge wave of nausea racked his brain. After what seemed like hours of wanting to vomit, the pounding subsided, and Red looked for the first time at his surroundings.

He was in a cube. A big, white cube. In the middle of each fifteen-foot wide panel was another small, four-foot wide, black square, which looked like a door. Hovering in the middle of the huge, too-smooth, plastic cube was a small, foot-wide sphere. The whole room was illuminated with a soft, white glow.

The only logical question Red could think of right now was, ‘How the hell did I get in here?’ He turned around once, trying to get a grip on his bleak surroundings. Above his head, the ominous metal sphere hung there, without any supports. A slight electrical humming noise, barely audible, emitted from the sphere. Red was just about to go through one of the doors when a voice spoke from above him.

“Welcome, Red Graeden, to the Maze.”

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