First Fight

“I trusted you! with some really important things, and this is what happens!?” Claire said with tears streaming down her face. She was furious with her friend. Anger seared through her like a wave of heat.

“You know, I am such a fool, to think that those things wouldn’t be an issue for you, how could you Robin?” She demanded. Furious at her friend she slams down the phone.
She knew she hung up on her, and it was wrong. At the same time she knew she had her reasons.

The thing that hurt more than anything, is the fact that this was the first time she dared to show raw emotion. Her problem is that she has this overwhelming need to be strong. And part of that means having to surpress a lot of emotions that are deemed unstable

This friend of hers, is someone she cares about so deeply, that it sometimes scares her. Robin quickly became her light. And now it feels like that light is fading. She questions how it got so bright so fast. Was it a shooting star?

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