Do I get To Swim?

While sleeping the other night I had a dream about swimming in the ocean. The whole dream had me paddling and holding my breath and trying to stay afloat. Each time a wave broke across me I went under the water only to resurface and struggle to hold my head up high. My heart was racing so fast and I could feel the beats each time as I tried to stroke my way to safety. My throat was filling with salt water and I kept trying to spit it out and not swallow any of it but it was without success. My eyes were burning and I could not open them to see if land might be near. So I continued to struggle and fight my way in the darkness of the ocean praying for light. When the water seemed to calm I rested my arms only to have a wave once again take me under and I again struggled to stay afloat. Suddenly I heard a beep beep and turned towards the sound only to realize that my alarm had gone off and I had to get up for work. What a nightmare I had, I cannot swim and this dream reinforced my non- swimming skills.

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