Under the Hut

I was dumbstruck. Below the hut, was a huge chamber that looked like a laboratory from the middle ages. There were tons of bottles, cubicles, and a number of apparatuses. All around things bubbled, crackled, and hissed, and there was a funky, pervasive odor that made me grimace. In the corner, was a furnace as well.
To top it all off, tons of strange pictures and symbols lined the walls. There was one picture of a snake biting it’s own tail, and another one of a green lion attacking a sun.
What kind of fantasy world did I just step into?
Melody walked over to a desk that was covered with parchment and books. She took a key out of her back pocket and shoved it into the lock on the bottom drawer of the desk. When it opened, she slowly took out a small ivory box and held it gingerly in her hands.
She closed the drawer with her foot, and brought the box over to me. It was quite remarkable. Tiny inscriptions and little pictures surrounded it.
She opened the box, and I saw what it held.
“Now do you believe me?”

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