Aurora, Abella, and Quinn

“You murdered our escort!?”
“Well…um, the sword sorta…slipped.”
“We had good intentions!”
Now our heroes have gotten themselves into quite a predicament. The three young women are not at all pleased by the recent annihilation of their escort.
The Three are currently seated on a French bread couch in the royal room, explaining what their mission was to the the young women. They’ve given up on planning to capture the land. There’s no use trying to compete with a bunch of brain ninjas.
Now let’s get ourselves acquainted with the three rulers shall we?
The first goes by the name of Aurora. She’s known to be shy and indecisive, but loyal and inquisitive as well.
The second is Abella, the quirky, artistic, and compassionate one.
And lastly is Quinn. Um…well, she scares me a bit.
So what ever will happen to The Three?
What will these angered rulers do to our heroes?
What are whales made of?
And what will The Three’s punishment be?
Well my friends, we shall find out soon enough!

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