Spare submission for Six Word Memoirs: A six word story?

I am insane and that’s OK.

Mental stability is not my thing.

You tolerate the totally insane me.

I like you. Come with me.

I want to show you life.

Life as seen through my eyes.

The eyes that always loved you.

I’ll show you my world now.

You cannot turn back after this.

Let’s go into the light together.

If we go together, it’s OK.

I’m not scared. I’m with you.
I made this in a fit of whimsy (I really like the word whimsy). It’s six word sentences that stand alone, but if you take them together they make a story. I thought it was kind of cool. I already made a submission for this challenge, though, so this is kind of a spare that I wanted to tack on to the end but it didn’t look quite right there so I made a seperate post. Gasps for breath

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