A whisper

The rain drops stream down the car window.
I draw pictures in my head with them. We’re on the never ending drive home. I yearn to be in my bed snuggled under the cozy covers. All the troubles would disappear ,and I would be left alone with a peace of mind. Yet this is not so for I’m stuck in a car drawing pictures in rain drops. Suddenly I heard a whisper Sky… my love come to me… It said, sending a chill down my spine. Come to me, my flower….. It said fainting away. The hairs on my back rose ,and my becamed dry. Questions of every kind rush through my head, and everything begin to blur. I slowly slip into a dark abiss. There in the darkness he stood ,tall and slender. His green eyes bore into mine, sending shudders through me. He darkly smile and revealing his bright with teeth.

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