The Amazing Colossal Tabby

Matsui Community College was the first to succumb to the Giant Cat. It perked its great triangular ears over the edge of the shingled roof, then it’s whole body.
Thomas had seen kitties before, loved kitties. So he wasn’t so suprised at first. It just looked like a blown-up photograph. But the sound convinced him. A quick, shrill, pipsqueak mew that sounded like the worst microphone feedback ever. His hands went to his ears, and he nearly drove off the road. Ahead of him, a white pick-up skidded perpendicular and smashed the car in front of him.
Thomas glanced between the tabby and the truck, unable to keep his eyes off either. The road presented a turn-off into the parking lot, and he zipped in.
Like others around him, he emerged from his car, eyes glued to the roof above. The cat’s head darted around, side to side.
One of the men in the parking lot strafed across the asphalt, wearing an untucked shirt. Thomas heard him call out, “Whiskers! Get down!”

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