Blue Meander: The NEW First Mate

The men looked at each other and then huddled into a small group. I couldn’t hear anything at all, they were so effective in their whispering. Finally they stood apart, nothing could be heard but the roar of the wind and the pattering rain.
“So, lads? Your decision? Who shall be the new first mate of the Blue Meander?” Captain Corbluff asked.
The crew seemed to brace themselves, as if they were not sure they had made te right decision. I could feel the apprehension in the air.
The man I knew as Darvie stepped forward. “We have decided that…”
I waited, unconciously holding my breath.
“We have decided,” Darvie continued. “That Lady Gloria would make a top notch first mate. If she agrees…”
My jaw dropped. “M-me?”
Darvie nodded and gave me a small smile.
Captain Corbluff looked shocked but obviously thought that this was a good idea because he turned to me and said,
“So, Lady Gloria. Do you agree to be the first mate of the Blue Meander?”
The men gave me such hopeful looks.
What should I do?

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