Candy Crime Caper

Butterfinger and I were on the trail of the Hershey Kisses Killer
We questioned a group of Lemon Heads, they didn’t have a clue where our prime suspect, Tootsie Roll Pop, had gone to.

“Detective Snickers,” one of my peeps called over to me.”Your wife, Maryjane is on line one.”

“MaryJane,” I said, “I’m busy on a very important case.”

“Well, our neighbor in the dish next to ours, Mr. Goodbar, he’s missing,” my wife said.

“Was part of his wrapper mauled open?,” I had to know.

“Yes dear, don’t go getting nuts over this case like the last time when The Skittles disappeared. Remember, they showed up a day later with Oh Henry and Whatcamacallit.”

“I remember dear,” I said, as I hung up, my partner Butterfinger came over, holding the remains of S’Mores, our officer in charge of kidnappings.

“This Tootsie Roll Pop is on a crime spree, soon there will be no candy left in Candyland. Butterfinger, get Special Agents KitKat and Twixt here on the double. We’ll question every last confection in Candyland.”

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